Letters to the Editor

Regalado’s wrath

Mayor Tomás Regalado is supposed to be accountable to us — his voters and citizens — above all else.

I recently joined hundreds of Miami Airbnb hosts in expressing my opinion that he end his crackdown on short-term rentals.

We’re not rich, powerful or influential. We simply wanted our leaders to hear our perspective on an issue of obvious public interest.

Rather than taking our thoughts seriously, the mayor chose to prioritize the concerns of the hotel industry.

As reported by the Miami Herald, he made the outrageous decision to take one of those constituent emails and forward it directly to hotel lobbyists.

At least one community representative found his actions similarly disturbing. Judge Beatrice Butchko issued a restraining order forcing the city to end its crackdown, stating: “The mayor should be a friend of the people. How is it impartial when the mayor forwards residents’ e-mails concerning the city's position on their Airbnb usage to hotel lobbyists?”

Mayor Regalado would do well to heed Judge Butchko’s advice. In his remaining months in office, I hope he will get back to serving the people of Miami over the powerful lobbies that have controlled our city for too long.

Marcie Mascaro, Miami