Letters to the Editor

Booing DeVos

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should expect more protests similar to the booing given at Bethune-Cookman University.

Trump and Secretary DeVos are diverting public education dollars to for-profit private and parochial schools. The Trump administration is out of touch with what works best for students, parents, educators and community.

Charter schools have not changed the character of poor schools: fewer libraries, humanities classes and music programmes, less of everything that counts. The strategy is the same as any conservative effort to hobble the public sector: defund government then use that ineffectiveness to argue for further privatization.

Let’s hope that Secretary DeVos enthusiasm for school choice will not doom children to substandard public schools that have been starved of resources and responsible government oversight. DeVos is in hot water over her statement that tied the history of black colleges to school choice policies… not a good sign when she confuses “school choice” with “segregated schools.”

It’s surprising that the graduates did not respond with even stronger protests.

Cheers for courageous BCU students and graduates!

F. Douglas Stephenson, Gainesville