Letters to the Editor

Impeach Trump

So, many Americans wanted a non-politician, businessman to run our country. Donald Trump, obviously, ran his businesses with threats, bribes, lies, vagueness, and any way he could to generate business.

His “billionaire” claims are based on this: His tax statements would validate this and prove that he is not a billionaire but a manipulative person that has enough power to bend his adversaries into submission which he thought he could do in his business as he is trying to do as President. Wrong!

Now we are faced with a possible “corruption of justice influence” with the Comey statement that Trump asked him to drop the investigation against Flynn and his secret meetings with the Russians divulging classified information.

Not only is Trump’s ego over-inflated to the point where he could run our country like his “businesses” but proof that we have enough people watching over our country to stop this ego trip that may lead us to World War III.

Enough! Impeach this ego-maniac.

Harry Small, Hollywood