Letters to the Editor

Someone else’s pain

A few questions for those “angry Americans” out there: You’re angry that your insurance may be taken away from you, or priced so high as to be unaffordable because of Trumpcare.

Were you this upset when Congress and governors refused to expand Medicaid, denying coverage for the poor and elderly? Or was that acceptable because it affected people who are not you?

You’re angry that there is “persecution” of Christians in America: Are you as concerned about the persecution of Jews and Muslims in America by people who paint swastikas on synagogues, vandalize mosques, or assault someone because of their non-Christian religion? Or doesn’t that count because it’s not you?

Maybe the next time you get angry over some stupid and heartless bill Congress passes that affects you, remember all of those who have been affected by legislation that blames the poor for being poor, blames the sick for being sick, and sees the elderly as a burden instead of a valuable resource.

Some say America lost its heart when Donald Trump was elected, but the disease that caused it has been infecting America for a long time.

Sandra L. Wikle, Miami