Letters to the Editor

Budget cuts will hurt Miami Dade College and others

The decision by state lawmakers to significantly cut funding for the Florida College System undoubtedly will have devastating repercussions for state colleges like Miami Dade College (MDC), the anchors of the communities they serve and often the only higher education resource for some of Florida’s most vulnerable residents.

The approved budget slashes almost $30 million from Florida colleges’ operating budgets while providing almost $300 million in additional dollars to the State University System. MDC alone is at risk of losing up to $14 million.

This represents the worst funding reduction to the college in 57 years.

These cuts will threaten the financial stability of our state and put Florida at a competitive disadvantage as we will be unable to meet the workforce training local business demands.

MDC, and all of Florida’s State Colleges, are our community’s greatest equalizers, providing opportunity through higher education. In South Florida, MDC has helped millions of people reach their professional goals.

With these budget cuts, the sustainability of so many necessary academic programs and initiatives is in jeopardy.

Instead of investing time and energy in creating cutting-edge initiatives that challenge our students to be critical thinkers and empathetic leaders, colleges will now struggle to make ends meet and keep crucial programs running.

Students are dependent on the Florida College System to become workforce ready, and find career pathways that ultimately lead to well-paying jobs and lifelong success.

Without the financial backing from the Legislature, our state risks losing the resources that will move Florida forward.

Armando J. Bucelo, Jr.,

Chairman, Miami Dade College Board of Trustees;

Julie Grimes, Chairman,

Miami Dade College