Letters to the Editor

Gen. McMaster is qualified

If indeed Eli Lake was correct when he wrote in his May 8 oped, “Washington loves Gen. H.R. McMaster, but Trump does not,” that President Trump is unhappy with his national security adviser, and perhaps is considering his removal and replacement, we should be concerned.

McMaster is well-regarded on both sides of the aisle — for good reason — and brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise that this administration desperately needs.

He undoubtedly brings comfort to our allies, who are adjusting to a president less judicious in his speech than is considered the norm.

Although early in his administration, Trump shows a disconcerting tendency to treat decision-making in the informal manner seen in George W. Bush’s administration, utilizing staff he has a comfort level with and wants, rather than needs.

McMaster has the independent standing needed for his position, and it is the president who must evolve so that he becomes comfortable with disagreement and sees the benefit of experience.

L. Story Rowe,