Letters to the Editor

Wrong focus

While watching the congressional hearings on Russia, I was struck by the fact that the Republicans were not focusing on Russia; instead they questioned Sally Yates about her actions on the president’s executive order. They were only concerned about how the leaks happened, not whether the current administration was colluding with Russian or that the national security adviser was compromised.

Republicans didn’t care that Obama warned the White House about hiring Flynn. The Trump administration waited 18 days, meanwhile, a compromised National Security adviser was part of countless meetings and, unbelievably, even a phone call with Putin. Action was only taken when the information was leaked.

This isn’t politics nor partisanship. Our country’s national interests and security are at stake. An independent investigation must be ordered! These acts are more troubling then Watergate, which received an independent investigation.

Charmaine Sforza-Flick,