Letters to the Editor

No accident

I was disgusted as I read the series of articles in the Miami Herald detailing the circumstances of inmate Darren Rainey’s death in a prison shower, and perplexed that the autopsy report took three years to be completed.

Like many other unsavory subjects, Rainey’s death was kept quiet until the Herald shone a light on it. I was extremely disappointed when the autopsy report listed the cause of death as “accident,” especially given the paramedic’s report (listing second and third degree burns), and a fellow inmate’s testimony that Rainey had been put in a rigged shower as a punishment.

When State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle decided to accept the medical examiner’s conclusion, and not pursue charges against the officers involved, I was flabbergasted. Yet, nothing prepared me for the graphic photographs of Rainey’s body pin Sunday’s paper.

Rainey was cremated — at prison official’s insistence; there’s now no way to obtain forensic evidence to disprove ME Lew’s conclusion of an accidental death.

I’m not quite sure how ME Lew or Ms. Rundle sleep at night, given all the evidence points to the cause of death being a homicide. As for Darren Rainey, I hope he rests in peace.

Gina Guilford, Miami