Letters to the Editor

Shameful Congress

Shame on Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I am not a fan of FBI Director James Comey, but just as he seems to be getting close to proving the Russian problem, Trump fires him. This isn’t right.

Trump doesn’t even have the common courtesy of waiting until Mr. Comey is back from his trip; that would have been the intelligent and proper manner. Mr. Comey had to find out about it on TV — horrible!

When is enough, enough? It is time for Democrats and Republicans — House and Senate — to show some backbone and take Trump to task. Republicans have to stop rubber-stamping Trump’s ‘moves’ without objection. How much more is it going to take before our representatives stand up for what is right?

We are a bigger laughing stock of the world each and every day…so much for being a world power that people respect. So much for making America Great Again!

Patricia Whalen, Miami