Letters to the Editor

Comey firing

It is obvious that the real reason Trump fired FBI Director James Comey was to put a monkey wrench into the investigations regarding Russia and the Trump administration. But it is equally obvious to me that the “fake news” reason Trump gave for the firing — that Comey mishandled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails — is being interpreted incorrectly by the news media.

The pundits are railing against the hypocrisy that Trump would fire Comey after praising him for his Clinton investigation as if Trump fired him for being mean to Clinton. Why are these pundits attributing remorse to Mr. Trump?

Trump’s excuse about Comey mishandling the Clinton email investigation should be understood in the opposite way: Comey mishandled it by not “locking her up!” He didn’t close the deal that Trump expected.

Deborah Troner,

Palmetto Bay