Letters to the Editor

French election

I’ve just returned to Miami from almost four months in France.

Living in France for almost six months of every year since 1994, I can tell you that these were probably the most exciting, politically, that I have ever lived through. In the final round, the French were faced with the same two extremes we Americans faced in our last presidential election.

I heard the same conversations and debates that took place in this country prior to November: nationalism vs. internationalism; protectionism vs. globalism; France-first vs. the European Union; racism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy vs. multiculturalism, open society, inclusiveness; anti-immigrant sentiment vs. embracing our differences; the poor little country guy vs. the big elite city banker.

The French chose Emmanuel Macron handily: they chose the latter over the former. They were so much smarter than we were. Vive la France!

Valerie Sutter,

Coral Gables