Letters to the Editor

Nanny state?

In 2010, the ACA was passed with no Republican votes when Democrats controlled Congress and the White House. Now the AHCA has passed the House with no Democrats voting for it and will now go to the Senate, controlled by Republicans. I can almost assure you that some version of the AHCA will pass and be signed by President Trump in the coming months. Not that not all members of Congress read either bill before voting on it.

All this is prelude to what I fear most is next. Single payer health care, i.e., total government control of health care. Many Democrats wanted this back in 2010, but didn’t think it would pass, fearing for their seats in Congress. The next time the Democrats control Congress and the White House, I predict that this is what will be forced on the American people. And that will signal the demise of the greatest health care system in the world. If you like your doctor now, he will most likely quit practicing. If you want elective surgery, you had better be patient unless you have enough resources to go “off the grid.”

Ask your friends in Canada, Great Britain, Italy or France if they are happy with what they have. Oh, but it is “free.” If the government is providing it, you can be sure you are being taxed to pay for it.

The government has no business being in healthcare apart from safety issues. But I fear it is too late for that since we are rapidly approaching becoming the nanny state.

Victor J. LaPorta,

Palmetto Bay