Letters to the Editor

Curbelo’s vote

I am a Democrat, but I had been impressed by Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s seemingly moral disposition. He had been an early critic of candidate Trump on ethical principals before it became fashionable for Republicans to criticize the eventual President. On other issues, he seemed to have been inspired by Profiles in Courage, to do the right thing.

But as engineers say, the soundness of a structure may be measured by its weakest point. So may the authenticity of a politician be measured by where they crack. We now see Curbelo’s fissures.

His yes vote on the American Health Care Act, without a CBO score, and with all credible estimates reporting that it would hurt his constituents, is a classic example of a cowardly collapse of his morality in favor of Party pressures. The irony is that this vote may cost him his political career. In a just world, it would.

Roald Garcia, Key Largo