Letters to the Editor

Gables plastic bags

As a resident of Coral Gables for 40 years, I am disappointed with the ban on plastic bags ordinance that was recently mentioned in the Miami Herald.

During the last four months, I have been asked how I feel about issues affecting Coral Gables. Most, if not all, of those questions were associated with the recent election. Not once did the issue or question of the ‘plague’ of plastic bags come up. In fact, the main topics and themes were items that the residents care about: Traffic; crime; over-development; affordable housing; fiscal responsibility; and ease to do business.

I do not feel that the initiative does justice in conducting out-reach to the small merchants who are impacted by this proposed ban. Every small business would be affected in one way or another as would every resident.

Yes, we should reward those that eliminate waste, encourage recycling and champion our environment. But an ordinance that must now be enforced by city employees makes absolutely no sense to me when there are so many other more important priorities.

Ada Bill, Coral Gables