Letters to the Editor

Recycling lesson

My recent trip to The Fair was good as always. The exhibits were great, though I missed the waterless cooking demonstrations my daughter and I enjoyed at past fairs.

The midway was fun to wander through, even if choosing food was difficult. My Greek salad lasted for two meals.

Most interesting was the display about county recycling. I found that although much of what I recycle weekly is correct, even more is wrong. The tins from the cat food are OK. Cardboard boxes and toilet rolls are alright. Glass bottles are also acceptable, but I’m not sure about wide necked jars.

But the plastic items are the most difficult to sort through. The instructional brochure categorizes acceptable plastic containers as those with narrow necks, but not their lids. The triangle on the bottom of so many plastic containers is not what determines its recycling eligibility.

The presentation at The Fair emphasized that only plastic containers with narrow necks were acceptable. So, what to do with all that other plastic stuff, the ones with the triangle and number on the bottom? I guess all of that goes into the landfills we are trying to limit by recycling. Maybe our recycling provider is not the right one because of the limits it hasto accept for recyclable items.

Annette B. Fromm,

Miami Beach