Letters to the Editor

Times have changed

Re Andres Oppenheimer’s May 4 column, “What Trump should do about Venezuela’s drift toward a full-blown dictatorship”: At 89, I’m amazed at the changes that are taking place in this hemisphere. When Fidel Castro took over the government in Cuba in 1959, he was responsible for the execution of hundreds of people, most without a fair trial.

Shortly after, he started taking over private property and businesses, etc. all done in a very unfair way. Most of the press started defending Castro by saying not to interfere with the sovereignty of Cuba. The liberal press, in the United States and Latin America, helped Castro get started.

After the Bay of Pigs failure, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the creation of Castro-backed communist terrorist groups in many Latin American countries, it is clear we made a big mistake in allowing Castro to stay in power.

Now we are facing a bigger threat in Venezuela. Economically speaking, Venezuela is very important. Nicolás Maduro is a Castro puppet. Oppenheimer should have asked all the Latin press to support President Trump in doing what is required to get rid of dictator Maduro.

Jorge L. Blanco,

Key Biscayne