Letters to the Editor

Look to a woman

Florida’s 27th Congressional District is a moderate one. Republicans often like to support the most conservative candidate and fail to remember that the goal is to win a district — not embark on an ideological crusade.

Supporting a Republican who 1) has a hard-right voting record; 2) is anti-LGBT; or 3) is a climate change denier, is not going to win the general election in the 27th.

The GOP candidate with the best chance of winning will be the one who can best emulate U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who knew how to win in difficult” districts — without ever having lost a race.

The National Republican Congressional Committee recently announced plans to recruit more women because more than 90 percent of Republicans in Congress are men.

The first Cuban American ever elected to Congress is a woman; it speaks volumes of our community how, in 1989, Cuban Americans, who had only been voting in large numbers for about 10 years, elected the first Hispanic woman, of any background, to represent us in Congress.

To succeed Ros-Lehtinen, let’s nominate the next generation of women leaders.

Rey Anthony Lastre, Miami