Letters to the Editor

Dems must get smart

Re the May 1 story “Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost”: Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race because Democrats refused to cut with the past. If they stay the course, they will lose the mid-terms and the 2020 elections as well.

The Soros/Obama/Clinton troika continues to dominate the party. The corruption and left-wing politics they followed for eight years have weakened America and hurt the party.

In 2016, Americans rejected open borders, Islamism and pay-for play. In their hearts, Americans believe they are a great nation. They see how freedom and safety are being undermined in Europe. They see the effect of open borders, mass Muslim migration, no-go zones and Sharia law — and they don’t want it replicated here.

So long as the Soros/Obama/Clinton team won’t leave the stage, Democrats will be seen as the party obsessed with ruining President Trump, regardless of the cost. That’s not good enough.

Len Bennett,

Deerfield Beach