Letters to the Editor

Trump brings muscle

Walter Shapiro’s April 27 oped, “After 100 days, we have a better measure of Trump,” ignores the president’s complete change in foreign policy: fighting against the use of chemical weapons, and strongly opposing Iran, ISIS and terrorism, while being more supportive of Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and those that oppose terrorism.

Shapiro ignores the reversal of business-killing regulations and lauds Democrats for opposing Judge Neil Gorsuch for political reasons after they agreed that he was well-qualified.

William Buckley, Jr. tried to warn us in the 1950s that Yale, where Shapiro teaches, as well as the Ivy League and many other fine universities, were moving away from a balanced education and toward an unbalanced, liberal approach to academics. We now see where this has led: the loss of free speech, politics instead of learning, and all sorts of agendas instead of preparing students for the workforce.

Students who pay $40,000 to $60,000 a year to go to universities now wind up poorly educated and unprepared for the real world.

Jerome S. Reich, Miami