Letters to the Editor

FPL nonsense

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that a bill was being proposed to allow FPL to fund gas exploration in other states. This idea boggles the imagination.

The United States is flooded with natural gas. Exploration companies, as well as pipeline companies, are selling at steep discounts. Today you can buy pipeline companies, like Energy Transfer Partners, that yield 11 percent.

Natural gas prices are near all time lows. Long term oil and gas contracts are available at cheap rates and even joint ventures for pipeline delivery, such as Southern Electric did, to guarantee supplies are available.

Why FPL wants to get into the exploration business, a risky area which they know nothing about and is already saturated, is strange. Sounds more like a cheap excuse to raise rates. Our politicians should see through this and not allow the funding their campaigns to cloud their reasoning. Stop this bill.

Emilio Lamar, Coral Gables