Letters to the Editor

O’Reilly letter

In response to “Firing O’Reilly hurts Fox News,” Rene Larrieu contradicts himself several times throughout his April 26 letter. He states, “Fox has always been considered a right-wing cable network that has always reported news in a fair, balanced and objective manner.” By definition, if Fox is “right-wing,” it cannot be “balanced and objective.”

Larrieu describes O’Reilly as being someone who “represents the firm beliefs of the Republican Party.” He goes on to claim that O’Reilly is an “excellent anchor with accurate news reporting.” This is far from the truth. O’Reilly is an “entertainer.” He is not a “journalist.” His audience is not looking for unbiased and accurate reporting of the facts. They have a mob mentality and are simply looking for hype and exaggerations to reinforce their narrow-mindedness.

Larrieu also characterizes O’Reilly as a “devoted Catholic” and supports his innocence by simply saying that O’Reilly believes the allegations against him are “unfounded.” If it were that easy, the jails would be full of innocent people.

Don’t insult true journalists and devoted Catholics (of which I am one) by implying that O’Reilly is one of them.

Edward Pidermann,

Miami Lakes