Letters to the Editor

FLL expansion

It’s nearing three years since the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) completed its billion dollar runway expansion project; time enough to evaluate the results.

The “expansion” reduced FLL from three runways to two, consequently reducing its flexibility to handle its (proportionately increased) occupied airspace, runway maintenance, delays, or emergencies.

The Record of Decision to proceed was based on the Terminal Area Forecast of 2016 needed capacity for 375,000 operations. Broward now reports 2016 operations were 284,151. That’s 91,000 short of last year’s expectation.

Broward maintains 11 noise monitors surrounding the airport, and lists their loudness readings on FLL’s Quieter Skies website. A tally of the fourth quarter results of 2016 reveals that a one-third reduction of its air corridors concentrates 95 percent of all FLL’s loud events onto the city of Dania Beach.

One could conclude that the benefit of FLL’s runway “expansion” reduction went to the recipients of the $1 billion.

Gary Luedtke,

Fort Lauderdale