Letters to the Editor

FACE: No generalizations

Re Fabiola Santiago’s April 23 column about Frank Artiles: We at Facts About Cuban Exiles (FACE) agree with Santiago and reject the behavior of this former state senator. It is unbecoming for anyone — let alone someone in a position of responsibility — to resort to name-calling or other bullying behavior, especially directed at an ethnic group.

However, as Cuban Americans who work to improve relations among all ethnic groups, we beg to differ with her conclusions. Calling it a “Cuban boys club” is just one example of the generalizations that Santiago used throughout her article. This not only tarnishes the reputation of all Cuban-American politicians, but of all men that identify as Cuban American. The piece is further proof of the damaging effect the generalizations can have.

As we continue to work toward uniting, rather than dividing, our community, we urge all parties involved in this matter, to realize the effect their words can have.

Tony Argiz, chairman, Facts About Cuban Exiles, Miami