Letters to the Editor

Haitian TPS

The Trump administration should extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for all qualified Haitians. Failing to do so will complicate the delicate and fragile situation in Haiti.

However, we need to think beyond the Band-Aid of TPS and seek long-term solutions to Haiti’s continuing crisis. Haitians are found in just about every country in our hemisphere as unwanted migrants.

The United States is uniquely placed to innovate by working with Haiti’s Moise/Lafontant administration, the large, and largely successful, U.S.-based Haitian diaspora, and the Haitian private sector, to channel some USAID funds into an investment fund with strict oversight and management structure to facilitate direct investments in key sectors in Haiti.

Keeping displaced Haitians here is the right thing to do, but it does not address the continuing factors that have made the average Haitian youth dream only of a visa or an illegal trip to seek a better life elsewhere.

Jean D. Vernet, II,

Brooklyn, NY