Letters to the Editor

Genting’s casino?

Our greedy, short-sighted Miami Dade commissioners unanimously endorsed Genting’s latest 36-story hotel proposal, which would be built over the bus stop on Northeast 14th Street, just east of Biscayne Boulevard.

I’ve lost track of Genting’s ever-changing ideas for development, but the commissioners must be salivating at this latest one.

Genting initially has to pay the county $10 million in cash, spend $16 million to upgrade the bus stop, take over maintaining the Omni stop, and split the income on ground floor retail, which is described as “a casino in waiting” at the old site of the Miami Herald.

Commissioner Joe Martinez was quoted as “willing to live with a casino here … because it is coming.”

But voters have disagreed with Martinez. Each time there has been a referendum to approve casinos in the county, it has been defeated. Study after study shows casinos are not economically beneficial.

Additionally, did the commissioners do any traffic studies for the new hotel area? More traffic would be disastrous for these roads, which are already congested and grid-locked when there are special events in the area.

How much do the commissioners personally hope to gain from this new plan? Is the message that any mega-rich company can buy our government and city? Shame on the commissioners, who clearly haven’t fully considered their constituents’ interests.

In the next election, I hope the voters respond by not voting for any of this group who may be on the ballot for re-election. It can’t happen soon enough.

Marian Turk, Miami Beach