Letters to the Editor

Pay protesters

According to President Trump, we only march if we’re paid. Well, I was at the Women’s March at Bayfront Park in January and I didn’t see any money changing hands.

If someone or some group was behind the massive, nationwide Women’s March that day, paying out at a minimum, something for transportation, basically a whole work day and at least a packed lunch and a soda, they’re probably looking at their bank account right now and wishing they’d never started the whole thing — even if they didn’t have to shell out for all those extra demonstrations in places like France and Australia.

Actually, President Trump could help unify the country by following his own idea: Pay people to come and cheer him on. It would be especially helpful for the undocumented and single moms working for minimum wage.

And they would collect a bonus for marching against their own interests and making him look good.

For, in the world of the new administration, many will have to scramble even harder to make do any way they can.

As Republicans tell us, they are the party of family and Christian values taken straight from the Bible, where indeed it states: “To him that hath it shall be given and to him that hath not even that which he hath shall be taken away.”

Mary Motes,