Letters to the Editor

Cannabis oversight

It is impressive that Trulieve was able to open its doors so quickly after its certificate of occupancy was granted last week (“New retail medical marijuana dispensary — ‘not a head shop’ — opens in Miami,” April 19).

Given that it’s only one of seven companies licensed in the state of Florida to grow and distribute medical marijuana, its staff seem like they are taking adequate measures to comply with Amendment 2, which was approved in November.

The article mentions that Trulieve employees verify that a patient is registered to access medical marijuana.

It, however, failed to explain on what specific process of verification patients go through in order to meet the requirements of Amendment 2.

For example, does the company have an online database or verification software?

Does it rely on looking at a prescription and asking patients how long they have been seeing their physician?

There must be strict oversight to ensure that patients actually are prescribed the cannabis treatment and are not presenting fake prescriptions.

Cesar Garcia-Canet,