Letters to the Editor

Voting mistake

It’s been a number of years since I’ve felt compelled to write to the Miami Herald, but then I read “Trump is pro worker” in the letters section on April 20 .

With not a little irony it appeared next to another letter titled “Trump’s hypocrisy.”

The first letter says that President Trump is protecting the American worker, when in fact he recently signed a trademark agreement with the Chinese government to manufacture his “incredibly magnificent” wares in China. The letter also says Trump has appointed “excellent advisers.”

Presumably, not those determined to dismantle the departments they’ve been appointed to lead, or forced from the administration after information surfaced about their collusion with the Russians.

By now I think most realize this Russian thing isn’t finished.

Come on, people — it’s time to recognize the colossal mistake those who actually are not deplorable have made. For the others, I hold no hope.

Steve Sullivan,

Key Largo