Letters to the Editor

Precious land

The University of Miami sold off a parcel of land in southwest Miami-Dade that is critical wildlife habitat and, quite possibly, the last parcel of pine rockland in the county. Plans are in progress to destroy the rocklands and replace it with yet another Walmart and other development.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission produced a document regarding its assessment of the land’s future. After reviewing the plan, I can’t help but think, “Why is this being allowed?”

This land has been declared a critical habitat and holds endangered species. The demolition of these 140 acres is going to cause irreparable harm. The county does not have much land left. It seems like all we do is defend our landscape, only to be knocked down by businesses that promise to turn a profit at the cost of our home. Enough is enough. Leave the 140 acres alone.

When is the government going to actually support the people? Losing this small piece of Miami history to a Walmart?

Liz Trotter,