Letters to the Editor

Good conduct

I have two thoughts about former State Sen. Frank Artiles’ ugly behavior:

▪ It appears that we have an example in the White House that has set a most distasteful and ill-mannered behavior pattern for politicians; and media that chat about the new normal. None of this is normal — nor should it be;

▪ We all have to push against this ugly tide that is sweeping the nation and infecting the world. Maybe it was always there behind the curtain and behind closed doors, but one thing is for sure — the house needs to be redecorated and a clean, well-mannered, and intellectually oriented discourse reintroduced to the manner in which we deal with each other.

People behave the way they are treated. That will always be true, from the police officer on the street to the president in the White House.

We, the people, need to communicate to the world that the code of conduct for all houses of government needs to be put on big banners and hung on the entrance walls, because the members need re-education and behavior training. This assumes that codes of conduct exist. If they do not, then they need to be created, adopted, and enforced.

Judith Cannon, Miami