Letters to the Editor

Haitian bias

America seems to be progressing in every aspect, except racism. For every step forward, we take two steps back.

Now we see one of the most popular hotels in Miami, The SLS, accused of discriminating against its Haitian employees.

In a city as diverse as Miami, you would expect to find a more welcoming community, especially toward Haitians.

The fact that James Greeley, chief legal officer for the hospitality company that owns The SLS, brushed off the accusations of wrongful termination by simply saying that it was because of economic reasons, shows his lack of interest. I question the honesty of his statement.

As a college student studying race, I am beginning to see a pattern in all of the discrimination instances in the news.

It is understood that the police act as our role models. Being that they act so terribly against people of African descent, it gives citizens an excuse to act just like them.

There needs to be an internal change within law enforcement in order for people to control their unfortunate discriminatory impulses.

In the case of The SLS, there needs to be further investigation of the occurrences and justice for any unjustly treated employees.

Paula Carroll,