Letters to the Editor

Trump is pro-worker

For the first time in many years, there is a Republican politician trying to protect the American worker. Not only because it is good for the Republican Party, but because it is good for the working class.

Previous presidents from both parties have made a lot of promises without significant results. President Trump is not afraid to go to the working class to discuss the problems and what he wants to do to solve them.

So far, in spite of all the criticism he is receiving, Trump is doing well. I don’t agree on all of his unnecessary comments at times, but they are of no real importance.

Our new president is always entitled to a honeymoon during his first few weeks. President Trump’s opposition started “divorce” proceedings even before he started his presidential term.

He has selected excellent advisers. None of them are “yes” advisers. It is obvious he wants to do good for our country. He deserves a chance to carry out his plans.

Jorge L. Blanco, Key Biscayne