Letters to the Editor

Provide homes

In his April 5 column, “American Dream is too expensive in South Florida,” Michael Putney describes many people’s struggles, especially because housing has become so challenging. Now imagine if you are homeless. But as Putney suggests, there are steps that can be taken, one of them is a life-changing opportunity in Miami Gardens.

The land where His House and other nonprofits exist are in a possible deal to be sold to Country Club for Cars. His House and the others will lose more than their homes. Lost will be a neighborhood for children that is nurturing and gives them the normalcy essential to their wellbeing. Lost will be the beautiful casitas that are lovingly organized to help children heal and become productive adults. Lost will be their sense of being safe in a neighborhood where they can just be children.

The potential new owner is offering to relocate these nonprofits. But where? This location also has bus lines with access to transportation to many routes that encourage independence. Young people can reach college and jobs.

I urge the Homeless Trust and city leaders to take a look at the potential of this land and see if together as a community we can rehab the rest of homes that are already built, but empty, and create safe and loving housing for vulnerable residents.

Karen Fryd, South Florida Youth Foundation, Miami Beach