Letters to the Editor

Drink to that

As a bar owner, on any given night I am used to hearing three sounds in a row. First, shattering glass when a pint hits the floor. Then, the sound of laughter or surprise. Finally, someone will offer sarcastic clapping to the customer or employee responsible for the incident. It’s a nightly event that offers either embarrassment or humor to those involved. But as a small business owner, it’s no laughing matter. The cost of replacing broken or stolen glassware can run as high as $3,000 a year.

When traveling in other states, I’ve talked to bar owners who say they are able to get branded glassware at no-cost from beer manufacturers and distributors. Clearly, beer companies want to give away pint glasses and pitchers. However, in Florida, it’s currently illegal.

Thankfully, there is a bill now in the Florida Legislature that would make it legal for bar owners to receive pint glasses at no cost. It may not be the most exciting issue in the world for most, but for small business owners all across this state who deal with the nightly expense of broken glasses, it can make a big difference.

Felipe Ojeda, owner, Taurus Beer & Whiskey House,

Coconut Grove