Letters to the Editor

Low-cost housing

Re the April 2 story, “$1.3 billion for low-cost housing diverted to other projects.” How is this possible? When I look at the new roof tops under development in the community of Goulds and similar communities in South Dade, one thing is evident: Homes from, say, $175,000 to about $225,000 are almost nonexistent.

State legislators continue to divert millions from the trust funds dedicated to affordable housing.

How can low- and midde-income Floridians afford these prices without some sort of assistance?

How can an apartment complex (Karis Village) be constructed in Goulds with little or no community input?

And when a new apartment complex comes on line, there are no units set aside for homeless families.

How does Goulds benefit from this project? Wages are low, rent is high.

Phillip Murray, Jr., Homestead