Letters to the Editor

Karp’s vigilance

We should all rest easier knowing that School Board member Martin Karp will be ever vigilant protecting our children from the evil Quakers and their commitments to peace, justice and human dignity.

These are certainly not values we want our children to acquire.

Next they will be reading Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and asking how Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians differs in fact from 18th century England’s treatment of the Irish, or 20th century South Africa’s treatment of people of color.

Thank you, Mr. Karp for thinking through these things for those of us who are to too lazy to prevent our children from being corrupted by people hiding for hundreds of years behind deceptive names like the Society of Friends.

Now they can be revealed as just those notoriously evil, rightfully persecuted, Quakers.

Martin Motes, Redland