Letters to the Editor

North Miami Officer charged

As a black man who is college educated, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, also served in the United States Army Reserve, retired from the federal Bureau of Prisons after thirty years of service, I find it disturbing that a black man, an unarmed therapist, that has not committed a crime, laying on his back on the ground with his hands in the air can be shot by a North Miami police officer.

This officer claimed he was aiming at the autistic young man, but ended up shooting the black man, seems ironic to me.

Even though the officers that were the closest to these two individuals didn’t feel the need to fire their weapons.

But then and again how many times have unarmed black men been killed by police officer who have not been prosecuted?

Officer Jonathan Aledda is being charged with the shooting, but this horse and pony show doesn’t mean anything.

Take a survey in the black community and you will find the same sentiment.

The law enforcement community is always preaching how they should be respected, but they fail to clean their own house.

And I am not talking about the good officers, just the bad ones that the union representative justifies their negative and unprofessional behavior.

So, who is supposed to protect us from the criminals that hide behind a badge and a gun?

Anthony D. Richardson,