Letters to the Editor

On Easter Sunday

Easter commemorates an act of self-sacrifice that changed the world because it changed people. Change people, change the world.

If we want people to change, we must start with ourselves.

Welcome strangers who come to our shores from another land. Yes, our enemies may be among them, and caring people become vulnerable. But so do mistrustful and hostile people. I would rather be vulnerable the first way— how about you?

There are people in South Florida who cannot find good jobs, good housing, good schools, safe neighborhoods. I don’t want these things if everyone can't have them. Let’s help people who need help, not exclude them.

Don’t put a label on someone because of race, religion or economic status. Rather, understand that every person is unique, every person is necessary, and everyone deserves respect.

The point is: Love your neighbor as yourself. Now, there is a world-changing idea.

Rev. Robert Gray,

Lighthouse Wesleyan Church,