Letters to the Editor

Lousy VA service

After years of complaining about the telephone service at the Miami VA Hospital, they recently hit a new low. It took 21 minutes and 58 seconds to answer my call!

I have even volunteered to correct the problems, but they think they know what they are doing. As a telecommunications consultant, I have never seen such deplorable operations. We would not put up with this at Home Depot, and yet we tolerate it at the VA.

The sad part is that they think they are doing a good job. They keep going back, year after year, to the same people that got them into the mess to begin with, but somehow think this time the outcome will be different.

So no improvements should be expected.

The director’s office “fixed” their telephone complaint problem by ordering operators not to extend patient calls to that office. It’s the typical government employee response — put a wall around you and route the complaints to someone else.

Donald P. McDermott, Miami