Letters to the Editor

Living downtown

Upon first glance, one would think Bayfront Park’s festivals’ only adverse impact is generating noise and traffic during the two or three days of the events.

But there’s an even more important inconvenience that we have to endure: the loss of the use and enjoyment of the park two weeks before and after each event. During these times, the park is off limits and physically fenced off for setup, breakdown and damage repair.

The Ultra and Rolling Loud events together combine to take our park away for almost 20 percent of the year. An added affront is the late night/early morning construction noise during the entire month of the event.

I don’t think these festivals have ever been analyzed for their real impact on our city. Will Miami-Dade refund the parks’ portion of taxes to its citizens for the time we are denied park use?

Please think about us, the downtowners, a little more.

James Martindale, Miami