Letters to the Editor

Extinguish the word

There is a solution for our problems with wildfires. Gov. Rick Scott should just issue an order banning the term “wildfire” in all government documents. Problem solved. Just as he solved “climate change.”

Richard M. Kimball,

Miami Beach

‘Snotty rant’

To paraphrase a former first lady, your April 13 Melania Trump editorial rhymes with “witchy.” Years from now, you will re-read that snotty, sarcastic rant and be embarrassed.

Barry Jay Warsch,

Hallandale Beach

It’s our money

Re the April 8 story “A Miami lawmaker may be the most endangered Republican in Congress”: U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo alienated millions of seniors when he said that “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.”

What does he know about Social Security and Medicare? Doesn’t he know that we have been paying into the program for many years, that it is our money that we are getting back? The voters are going to remind him.

Fernando Cuellar,