Letters to the Editor

Syrian attack

I find it difficult to believe that President Trump, who has never exhibited a shred of empathy for anyone other than himself, suddenly found empathy for the Syrian people.

We have all watched Assad’s brutalities against his own people for the past six years, including a chemical attack in 2013, which killed 1,400 people. Trump’s reaction at that time was to repeatedly warn Obama not to go into Syria.

He said we would gain nothing from it but negative consequences. Where was the empathy then?

Sadly, however, he was right. The Syrian people will gain nothing from this missile attack. But Donald Trump has gotten a lot! After seven weeks of a disastrous presidency, he is now being hailed by many Americans, by our allies and by the Republican members of Congress, as a strong, decisive leader.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, who until last week referred to Trump as if he were the village idiot, suddenly hails him as “smart.”

The truly sad commentary about all this is that a man who has been derided as “not presidential,” suddenly is seen as “presidential” when he employs his war toys. When will we ever learn?

Phyllis F. Resnick,