Letters to the Editor

Trump’s threats

Threats, especially from one irrational man to another irrational man, could have catastrophic consequences. What will President Trump do if China refuses to interfere in North Korea’s nuclear build-up? Is Trump ready to turn hard-line intimidation into a war with North Korea?

With troubles such as the border wall, Russian connections, the wiretap accusation against President Obama, to mention just a few, Trump now is promoting additional international frictions to turn away attention from domestic matters. In the process, he is creating the image of the United States as a war-making country.

Trump’s rhetoric is suggestive of the tough and reckless rhetoric of Hitler and Mussolini, and unless the leaders of Congress intercede to end the president’s senseless threats, we may well find the United States involved in another war that no one wants.

Hugo Zamorano, Coral Gables