Letters to the Editor

Supreme Court appointment

Kudos to Sen. Charles Schumer and the 40 other Democratic senators for standing their ground.

In a second year of arm-wrestling to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, partisan politics has reached a new low.

Not that we should be surprised, but it is ironic that the highest institution for interpreting and applying the law now seems least subject to legal regulations. Unfortunately, this political game of chicken and egg seems to have no end in sight.

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stands on his soapbox to claim the Democrats are systematically trying to undermine the judicial process, his words ring hollow, underlying a malignant type of amnesia. The Democrats’ organized opposition was based on principle and a practical unwillingness to endorse a nominee who was surprisingly secretive during his confirmation hearings.

The Republicans railroaded an entire judicial process by refusing to even grant President Obama’s appointee a hearing. The shameless display of defying precedent and, instead, playing grudge matches was — at bare minimum — being played out with Neil Gorsuch and is a historic crossing of the American political Rubicon, from which we may never return.

Mark Elman,