Letters to the Editor

Another warning

I read the April 9 front-page article “When cops shoot” with greater attention than I have paid to any newspaper article in a long time. I was hoping to understand the reasons the tragic deaths of unarmed men continuously occur. My conclusion was that everyone on both sides of these roadside stops is terribly overwrought and anxious to get home to his or her family at the end of the day. It’s the same conclusion I had drawn long before I read the article.

I had hoped to find some moral to the story. That didn’t happen, but I did come to another conclusion: If every motorist who was pulled over by police turned off his or her ignition immediately upon stopping the vehicle, a lot of people who are now dead would probably be alive.

Perhaps that thought should be added to black mothers’ list of admonitions for sons as they are being raised. It’s sad that such lists are needed.

Arnold Slotkin, Hollywood