Letters to the Editor

GOP has no heart

I’m starting to see more clearly what the Trump revolution and the Republican Party’s control of government is all about. It starts with a health bill that eliminates millions who need health insurance. It defunds programs that protect children from lead poisoning. It overturns regulations that require a financial adviser to perform in the customer’s best interests.

It proposes a budget that has no money for Meals on Wheels, a program vital to many aging citizens. It eliminates money to feed children who go to school hungry. It has swung the doors wide open for internet providers to take our personal information and sell it to advertisers without our approval.

Accusations with no proof have become the norm. (Whatever happened to the investigation of the millions of votes cast illegally?)

You see where people’s hearts are by their actions, and almost on a daily basis, I see where the Republican Party and its leader have their hearts.

Andrew Cullison, Kendall