Letters to the Editor

Cost of meds

Although it’s well known that the cost of prescription medicines are excessive compared to Canada, I think this illustration is poignant.

Under my Humana plan, I was getting Benicar generic for $131 for years. For some reason, Benicar was dropped from the plan. In order to continue receiving it, Humana wanted $672 dollars for 90 pills. I ordered the same meds in Canada for $139 — brand name as opposed to generic.

When I called Humana for an explanation, I was shuttled from one desk to another. In fact, they didn’t even know about a change.

You be the judge of how the drug companies — or plans — are playing games with pricing and people. Across the border, the drug prices are at a range of 30 to 60 percent less. Something is terribly wrong.

Larry Sazant,