Letters to the Editor

We need leadership

Each of us should have been taught, “the ends never justify the means.” The take no prisoner approach to politics today by whatever means the Left is employing all means to inflict a mortal wound to the nascent president. One of the casualties will be our right to privacy, for if they do it to the powerful what will they do to those without power? The unmasking of American citizen names is a back door approach to obviate the need for Constitutional protections political

The rest of the world is also in turmoil. Assad's chemical weapons attack against his own people (either with or without the complicit support of the Russians) cannot be tolerated by the civilized world. President Trump’s reaction during the press conference with the King of Jordan was revealing — he was visibly moved by the killing of children and careless disregard for innocent lives. Further exasperating tensions is the fact that North Korea is now only months away from nuclear first strike capability against the West Coast of the United States.

The noise in the political system needs to be appropriately directed. There are those who are intent on harming others because they believe this country, embroiled in political strife, will not come to their aid. Mistakes have been made for years in the Middle East, but make no mistake about this: no life should be ended by gas against any people. Mistakes have been made for years in North Korea where the doctrine of appeasement has left that regime with more than a dozen nuclear devices.

It is time that we allow this administration to govern and stop running for re-election. There is much at stake!

Marc Sarnoff, Miami