Letters to the Editor

Buchanan’s wish

Re Patrick Buchanan’s April 4 opinion column, “Is Putin the world’s preeminent statesman?”

Buchanan’s glowing critique of Vladimir Putin brings to mind another leader, in 1930’s Germany, who also brought stability to a floundering nation.

However, in both cases, the leaders eliminated democratic processes, abrogated civil rights, ordered political murders, committed atrocities against civilians, and conducted military aggression against neighboring countries.

Given these parallels, do we really want to join Buchanan’s admiration of Putin?

Buchanan implies that Putin stands with those (including Buchanan, presumably) who decry the “decadence” and “hedonism” of the West.

But do these traits really define us? And how is it that Buchanan feels qualified to make such a judgment of a civilization? What is it that he abhors — rock ‘n’ roll? Triple-fudge ice cream? Democracy?

Underlying this paean to Putin, it seems perhaps, that Buchanan would like to see Donald Trump become more Putin-like. “Put America First.” Put a wall up and get the immigrants out. Slam the media.

Make voting even more difficult. Keep out the Muslims. Bust the unions. Hire cronies and relatives to fill government jobs. Pass anti-LGBT measures. Insult women. Cut social programs.

Wait a minute, Pat!

I think you already have what you want.

J.E. Ross,

Fort Lauderdale