Letters to the Editor

Barahona case

The Nubia and Victor Barahona case has had my attention since the first story hit.

What bothers me is that the Department of Children and Families had many opportunities to protect these kids. Family members who were involved brought attention to these children’s needs. Still, one of them died and the other will forever live in torture.

The state has failed these kids again and again. Now it is with money. When will the state realize that life is not about what is black and what is white?

There is always a gray area. These kids lives were lost because of incompetence and greed: Incompetent humans who run and work at DCF, and greed by the state of Florida for hoarding money for the wrong reasons.

Making laws to fit each case will continue to create hardships for other people affected by the results of incompetence, as the Barahona twins were endured. Making victims of crime suffer further, due to legal issues at the state level, is victimizing the victim a second time. Pay up Florida - this was a mess no one can ever justify.

Sasha Madrigal, Tamarac